Multiple Trades and only one payment

Hi I am John Elshaw, director of GJS Contracting P/L. I am a qualified Painter and Decorator and have been self employed for 32 years.

GJS Contracting P/L are Painters and Decorators and Maintenance Contractors. The business is located in Ipswich QLD and services the Western suburbs of Brisbane QLD.

GJS Contracting P/L has vast experience with painting and Decorating to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Properties. We have a large clientele base and can undertake the smallest of jobs to large projects.

GJS Contracting P/L is devoted to offering quality workmanship performed by qualified tradespersons. Reliability and performance are essential to our business operation.

I look forward to being of assistance to you. Thankyou.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Hire us for Your Residential Painting:

  • All of our skilled painters are hired employees, not subcontractors.

  • We arrive at your home, our job site, dressed professionally and on time.

  •  If your project is expected to last more than one day, each day that work is completed, we leave your home clean and tidy with a clear expectation of when we will arrive the next day.

  • We treat your home, your family members, and your property with utmost respect. We take extra precautions to avoid any mishaps like paint drips or spills.

  • If we are working on the exterior of your home, we take special care to keep landscaping and flower beds clean and completely in tact.

  •  We offer a free color consultation before we begin each project to help you create your perfect home environment.

  • We have testimonials of all of our satisfied clients.

  • We use the highest quality paint and the most professional painting equipment, giving you the highest quality product in the most efficient time frame.

  • We give you an estimate of the project before we start, and we strive to give you the best work at the price that we have quoted without any additional costs to you of money or time.

  • We are completely licensed, bonded, and insured, giving you peace of mind as we work in and around your home.