They showed up exactly on time, with big smiles and crisp white clothes. The prepped with diligence and painted two bedrooms. When I returned every switch plat was back in place and they had even fixed a little damaged area on a closet door. There was not a spot on anything and they had done precision work in every way. Well worth the extra money. When I have to do the rest of the house I will definitely use them.
Michelle Bell
Chairman Hop Tech
These guys are great; this house has never had such thorough prep and repair before being painted. The house has been painted 4 times over the 25 years we have lived here, none of the work came anywhere near the laborious and careful preparation work done.
Bec Higgins
Shop Owner
They were prompt, professional, and did an amazing job. They were even very helping us on selecting the colors and even when they worked on the outside they covered all the plants. They were very specific and hardworkers.
George Wiltshire
House Owner